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Financial and retirement planning services

Financial planning from independent agents.

Life Insurance Coverage

Kohlnhofer life insurance has variety; individual, groups, variable, universal, term, jointand mortgage.

Purchasing life insurance is providing protection for your family in case of your death. If something should happen to you, will your family continue to have financial security?

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Long Term Care Planning

Long term care is a general term used to describe various home and community-based services for adults who need help taking care of themselves.

If you’re considering long term care options for yourself, a parent or another loved one, start the research and discussions early. If you wait, an injury or illness might force your hand — leading to a hasty decision that might not be best in the long run.

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Financial Planning & Retirement Plans

Have you planned ahead for your retirement? Do you have sufficient financial resources to do what you talked about with your spouse?

Talk to our agents to help you toward a worry-free retirement.

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Group & Individual Health Policies

Healthcare costs can be intimidating and unexpected health events can become a financial burden.

Just like other types of insurance, health insurance should provide you and your family with a sense of security and offer the help and care that you need. Our Agency offers group and individual coverage.

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